Gibson SG Standard 1968


Line 6 Pod Pro XT
Line 6 Pod X3 Live
Line 6 X3 Pro (2x: one for live, one for studio)
Line 6 M13
Behringer V-Amp Pro
Roland GP 100
Digitech GSP2101 2x
Boss GL100 Guitar Driver



Sessionette Combo for sale
Tech 21 Trademark 60
Line 6 Spider IV 75 for sale
Rocktron Velocity 150 Power Amp
2×12 cabinet with Celestion V30’s


Gibson SG Standard 1968
Gibson LP Special DC: Graphtec nut
Gibson Les Paul 60s Tribute Goldtop
Epiphone Dot Studio
Ibanez LP Custom 1974: Seymour Duncan Jazz and JB pickups, Grover Tuners, Graphtec nut
Ibanez Roadster RS 135
Ibanez AFS 75T
Samick San 450: Gibson Classic 57 pickups
Line 6 Variax 500
Line 6 Variax 700: Graphtec nut, locking tuners
Line 6 Variax Bass
Line 6 300 Acoustic Nylon
Fender Strat “Wayne’s World”: Graphtec nut
Fender Strat Japan: Fender Custom Shop PU’s
Fender Tele Meggico blue
Fender Tele Meggico white: Seymour Duncan Vintage Stack, SperzelTuners, Graphtec nut, 4 way switch
Aria 5502 ES 335 +/_ 1975?
Ovation Celebrity CC57
Eko 12 String
Hondo Bluescaster
Vanderson John William (:-) ) model, acoustic nylon string
Hovingh Medium Scale Fretless Bass
Kasuga Bass (yess, a real Kasuga!)